We recommend these cost effective lockers for storing smaller valuables. Placed within our highly secure vault rooms in our steel vaults we store the boxes personally locked by you.

The storage fee per month for a metal box is a gross 1900Ft, the one-time purchase cost of the same box is a gross 4000Ft. The internal dimensions are  19,5x7,5x14,5cm (width x height x depth) and it comes with a removable coin tray and 2 keys. The locker can only be closed down by you (you got the keys) and it is fitted with a security sticker before storage. Your deposit locker is placed in storage by our staff, a process which you are to follow and witness, however you cannot enter the vault room.

  • suitable for smaller valuables: jewelry, coin collection, gold bullion, silver, precious gemstones, media
  • suitable for storing cash