Precious metal for sale

Through our extensive partnerships Széf Bank could provide you the lowest prices in the market to investment precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

We also purchase silver VAT-free. Contact us by phone or in person with confidence:
+36 (1) 235-0756

Precious metals VAT warehouse

Authorized by the National Tax and Customs Administration, Széf Bank is entitled to store VAT-bound precious metals VAT-free (silver and platinum). This means that you can purchase silver VAT-free, if you manage the storage in our warehouse.

This provide this opportunity for precious metals traders to spare their clients money while the silver physically do not have to leave their safe storage of the Bank vaults. Our vaults are capable for storing large amounts of precious metals, the storage fee of which is calculated on the basis of the stored value. We can also help precious metals traders in solving logistical problems associated with the actual placing in storage.

  • for individuals purchasing or storing investment silver tax-free
  • for silver traders
  • for platinum, palladium traders