Who would get to know my identity?
The closed-loop biometric access control system identifies customers with 100% accuracy, so our contracted partners are not required to reveal their identity, don’t need to present their ID card or other personal data to enter the vaults.
What is the minimum period to be used in the safety deposit box service?
Szef Bank uniquely allows for a minimum one month rental period.
What is the basic insurance?
The basic insurance is 1,000,000 Ft, however, the thresholds are to be adjusted to your needs.
Who has access to the rented safe deposit lockers, safe boxes?
Only those biometrically identified persons who are authorized by the renter in person.
Can I give other people access to the rented safe deposit lockers, safe boxes?
Yes, you can give others access to the rented safe deposit lockers, safe boxes.
Can anyone else come with me inside the vault rooms?
No. Only authorized persons can enter the vault rooms.
Valuables and Passanger Transfer
Could SzéfBank deliver valuables to my vault or does it undertake passenger transportation as well?
We offer complete services in this respect, please contact us for details.
SzéfBank is not a financial institution, therefore it does not provide any financial services, its activities are restricted to valuables safekeeping and storage.