About us

Széfbank provides unique and exclusive valuables storage services in the center of Budapest, which is available for anyone - companies, individuals, organizations and associations. In our steel vault rooms it is possible to rent valuables storage for jewelry, cash, documents, electronic media or any other valuables and large safes for depositing and safe keeping works of art, sculptures, paintings.

The fundamental principle of our service is discretion. The closed-loop biometric access control system identifies customers with 100% accuracy, so our contracted partners are not required to reveal their identity, don’t need to present their ID card or other personal data to enter the vaults.


To ensure the safety of your valuables, employees and the management can not enter the facility beyond opening hours. To descend to the protected area, beyond your biometric identification an additional verification of minimum four people is required.

Colleagues can only enter the vaults in your presence, because to unlock the continuous active alarm your biometric permission is required. The total area of the facility is under 24-hour live remote monitoring.


To provide perfect discretion to our clients, exclusively the contracted and biometrically set authorized persons can have access to the vaults. Apart from them we are unable to accept any attorney and allow access to the valuables.

Of course, the opportunity to amend the contract is provided for our customers, in the presence and simultaneous appearance of those involved.

Partners contracted in normal operation are not required to disclose their identity to enter the vaults, nor to present their ID card and other personal data to the technical staff.